The Voice that Woke the World - George Whitefield

The Voice that Woke the World - George Whitefield

Lucille Travis



297 pages, Christian Focus , ISBN: 9781845507725 [TRAV01]

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

"Reformed believers will welcome this book which introduces the young to the person so greatly used of the Lord to awaken the great cities of 18th century England, Wales, Scotland and America to the claims of the Saviour and the necessity of the new birth.
Lucille Travis explains how the young George, brought up in the Bell Inn, Gloucester, came to dedicate himself, his relatively short life, his remarkable voice, his marriage, his all to the task of calling lost sinners to the Saviour. Our children will be intrigued to read that the man who drew the crowds in days before modern transport, TV, etc was a preacher! Tens of thousands came to hear and many not only listened but found their lives transformed.
The author does not omit to tell how hostile others were, refusing to recognise him as a minister, opposing the orphanage he had laboured to provide in America, and sometimes threatening to murder him. She describes his disappointment with Wesley's behaviour during his absence and his kindly determination to overlook this for fear of damaging the work which the Lord was evidently blessing. She conveys the responsibilities which weighed upon him and yet the mighty power given him to make the Gospel known to rich and poor, slaves and children, lords and ladies, Britons and Americans.
Parents and teachers will value the opportunity to inform the rising generation of what true Calvinism is, so well illustrated by this servant of the Lord to whom our country, and indeed the world, is indebted."