The Greatest Hoax on Earth?

The Greatest Hoax on Earth?

Jonathan Sarfati



333 pages, Creation Book Publishers , ISBN: 9781921643064 [SARF06]

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Dr Sarfati has become today's foremost creationist critic of evolution, his book Refuting Evolution having sold half-a-million copies. This volume is a direct response to Richard Dawkins' latest work ' The Greatest Show on Earth, subtitled, 'The Evidence for Evolution'. Prof Dawkins apparently decided that his previous books merely assumed evolution, and that another, specifically proving evolution to be fact rather than theory, was necessary.
Here Dr Sarfati tracks Dawkins' chapters showing the wrong assumptions and plain errors in each, as well as exposing the less-than-honest manner of argument repeatedly employed.
Over the years we have had many books refuting evolution, sometimes containing a proportion of 'facts' and arguments that have turned out to be flawed. With the passage of time, however, attention to accuracy appears to have sharpened considerably, and the dismantling of Dawkins found in this book is both formidable and convincing. Dr Sarfati acknowledges ' 'Scientific evidence comes and goes, and some of the things in both Dawkins' book and mine will need scrapping or revision as time goes on.' Nevertheless, this book is obviously serious about scientific facts. The reader needs patience with the earliest chapters, vital as they are, and then the book comes to life.
Dr Sarfati opens with the constant misrepresentation of the creation-design position by atheistic evolutionists, and their straw-man tactics. He proceeds to define 'species' and 'kinds', and to show the extent to which natural selection operates in a creation model. He then, in illuminating and powerful chapters, uncovers the flaws and mistakes of the Dawkins scenario. The huge complexity of the information system possessed by the simplest organisms ' so glibly swept over by Dawkins ' is so rightly identified as the greatest imaginable stumbling block to a naturalistic view of the origin of life.
'Where are the transitional fossils?' asks Sarfati, as he trounces the wishful thinking remarks of Dawkins on missing links. Exceptionally convincing chapters take Dawkins to task for scathingly attacking the Creator's supposedly appalling designs, for example, of the vertebrate eye, and of the 'wiring scheme' of blood vessels in mammals. The ignorance of Dawkins is laid bare in this and many other matters, as the explanation for these anachronisms (given by experts in their fields) are most interestingly unfolded. Among other things, it transpires that if the human eye were to be designed as Dawkins suggests it should have been, it would require a processing brain so large that no one would be able to get through a door.
There is far too much material in this book to refer to in a review, but we enthusiastically endorse it as immensely God glorifying for believers, and as being informative and challenging to newcomers to this debate. There are very possibly factual weaknesses that critics will justly locate, but it would seem that Dawkins' book teems with them, and people need to know this.
Several of these chapters would provide the basis for excellent youth and Bible class talks.
The cover presentation of the book is a trifle flamboyant, but we have heard scientific friends agreeing that the sophistication of the creationist critique of evolution is reaching new levels in books such as this. It is significant that Richard Dawkins utterly refuses to debate with people like Sarfati. For his television programmes he picks soft, vulnerable opponents, and makes sure he controls the editing. This book will demonstrate both the weakness of his science and the dismal nature of his atheism to many people, if widely promoted.

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