Hints on Child Training (Counted Faithful)

Hints on Child Training (Counted Faithful)

H. Clay Trumbull



160 pages, Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788721141 [TRUM03]

235 mm x 150 mm x 11 mm , 1 volume(s), 299.5g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

A superbly thoughtful work written at the age of 60 by America's most notable promoter of Sunday Schools last century. Parents should not miss this manual of 30 short chapters, abounding as it does with so many hints and ideas.

1. Child-Training: What is it?
2. The Duty of Training Children
3. Scope and Limitations of Child-Training
4. Discerning a Child's Special Need of Training
5. Will-Training, Rather than Will-Breaking
6. The Place of 'Must'_ in Training
7. Denying a Child Wisely
8. Honouring a Child's Individuality
9. Letting Alone as a Means of Child-Training
10. Training a Child to Self-Control
11. Training a Child not to Tease
12. Training a Child's Appetite
13. Training a Child as a Questioner
14. Training a Child's Faith
15. Training Children to Sabbath Observance
16. Training a Child in Amusements
17. Training a Child to Courtesy
18. Cultivating a Child's Taste in Reading
19. The Value of Table-Talk
20. Guiding a Child in Companionships
21. Never Punish a Child in Anger
22. Scolding is Never in Order
23. Dealing Tenderly with a Child's Fears
24. The Sorrows of Children
25. The Place of Sympathy in Child-Training
26. Influence of the Home Atmosphere
27. The Power of a Mother's Love
28. Allowing Play to a Child's Imagination
29. Giving Added Value to a Child's Christmas
30. Goodnight Words

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