David Brainerd - A Love for the Lost

David Brainerd - A Love for the Lost

Brian H. Cosby



155 pages, Christian Focus , ISBN: 9781845506957 [COSB02]

- 1 volume(s), 300g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Sunday school prize-giving suggestion for 9-14 year olds

David Brainerd lived only 29 years and his 'achievement' was not numerically great compared with the revival preachers of his day. Yet his enormous devotion to the Lord and his passion to take the Gospel to the Indians of North American despite the harsh climate and his own weakened condition (he was dying of TB), proved to be an inspiration to many of the world's future great missionaries. The writer provides a moving account.
There are a number of biographies of David Brainerd available but this little book is written especially for the younger reader. It would be most suited to an earnest believer who themselves were anxious to serve the Lord. Others also might be challenged by Brainerd's example. In addition, adults short of time might appreciate reading the moving details of Brainerd's life in this simplified style. (Publisher's suggestion: read to: ages 7-9, read myself: ages 9-14.)