A Help to the Study of the Holy Spirit

A Help to the Study of the Holy Spirit

W E Biederwolf



121 pages, Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788721912

15.6 x 0.71 x 23.39 cm , 1 volume(s), 991

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Publisher's Note:

First published in 1903 when a large number of books promoting a Second Blessing were being published, this little book is just as relevant today in view ofthe huge number of books promoting charismatic practices based on these earlier errors. It deals with all aspects of the work of the Holy Spirit with warmth and a careful exegesis of all the relevant passages of Scripture.William Biederwolf (1867-1939) served as a Presbyterian pastor and army chaplain, but for the majority ofhis ministry was an evangelist.