Person to Person Ministry

Martin Bobgan

Paperback , Pages: 297 , Publisher: Eastgate , ISBN: 9780941717212 , Product Dimensions: - , Volumes: 1 Weight: 192.4g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Dr and Mrs Bobgan have earned the appreciation of very many readers in the West for their expert critiques of 'psychobabble' in the churches, and their upholding of biblical principles for counselling. This is a crowning manual showing the key differences between problem-centred counselling, and person-reforming ministry. It is full of practical help and advice, and vital warnings urging, for example, the avoidance of tale-bearing, speaking-ill-of-others, playing-victim, and other sinful traits of bad counselling.
Here is the publisher's description, with which we wholly agree:'
'This book is about a Christ-centred approach to nurture the spiritual life of believers and to equip them to fight the good fight of faith and thereby confront problems of living through exercising faith in Christ and the Word. This book reveals the innate sinfulness of problem-centred counselling, shows how it leads Christians into feeding the flesh and quenching the Spirit, and gives reasons why Christians must abandon the problem-centred approach.
'In person to person soul care, we urge believers to do three things: (1) abandon problem-centredness; (2) embrace the biblical truth about the role of problems; (3) encourage one another to become Christ-centred on a daily basis.
'We pray that this book will encourage those in the church who are maturing in the faith through the trials of life and walking daily in the Lord to minister to others as needs and opportunities arise.'

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