What is the Emerging Church?

What is the Emerging Church?

David W Cloud



456 pages, Way of Life Literature , ISBN: 9781583181126 [CLOU10]

212mm x 137mm x 27mm , 1 volume(s), 571g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Although now six years old, this assessment is still very important and valuable. The trouble with the 'Emerging Church' constituency in the UK is that it would be wholly unsuccessful but for its ability to seduce real Christians into thinking it is a sound form of evangelicalism. It certainly is not. It has a theologically liberal wing, and a supposedly evangelical wing, but the latter embraces extremes of worldliness and mysticism, and frequently denies the essential heart of the Gospel's penal substitution.
This book is an immensely informative survey, quoting Emerging leaders, showing their errors, and providing biblical refutation. Here is an education in discernment which is easy to read, edifying as it lays out the Truth, and of special benefit to pastors and church officers, who are charged with the defence of the faith and their churches.