War Child: Memories of a World War II Childhood

War Child: Memories of a World War II Childhood

Maurine Murchison



297 pages, Christian Focus , ISBN: 9781845505387 [MURC02]

- 1 volume(s), 200g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

"The rising generation have little understanding of what their grandparents' generation experienced, as children, in and after the Second World War. In this book Maurine Murchison recalls the sad, unusual, frightening and funny things that happened to her, including her evacuation from London and her parents to far-off Scotland where she stayed with relatives.
Each chapter not only records her vivid memories but looks to similar types of events and circumstances in the Bible with the lessons to be learnt from each.
Today's children will be fascinated to read a first-hand account of how young people of the 1940s lived with ration books (one egg per week), nightly escapes from bombing raids to shelters, Monday wash days, and friends from Europe who suffered far worse.
Parents also will welcome the summary of historical facts at the close of the book. This is a book which would do us all good to read and which will stir memories in the granny generation."