The Works of John Bunyan

John Bunyan & George Offor (Editor)

Cloth , Pages: 771 + 758 + 790 , Publisher: Banner of Truth , ISBN: 9780851515984 , Product Dimensions: 259 mm x 174 mm x 43 mm , Volumes: 3 Weight: 5187g


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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

A truly outstanding set to possess - works, sermons, and pious meditations. What can surpass `The Jerusalem Sinner Saved' (or `Good News for the Vilest of Men') as an upholding of the tender of salvation; or `The Greatness of the Soul'; or `Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ'? Volumes to be used for powerful pastoral stimulation, for morning devotional reading, and for profound (yet so readable) treatment of great doctrines. For all readers.

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