The Works of Andrew Fuller

The Works of Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller



297 pages, Banner of Truth , ISBN: 9780851519555 [FULL06]

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Fuller (1754-1815), one of Britain's foremost Baptist preachers and theologians, is best known today for his advocacy of evangelism ' 'The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation' ' and for his magnificent stand with William Carey. Surefooted, sane and always feelingful ' a mine of expository and topical issues.

The first ten chapters:


  • 1754 – 1776 Mr Fuller’s Birth…
  • 1777 – 1783 Change in his Manner of Preach­ing…
  • 1784 – 1792 Labours at Kettering…
  • 1793 – 1814 Formation of Baptist Mission
  • 1814, 1815 Journeys into various parts of Eng­land…
  • The Gospel Its Own Witness

The Holy Nature Of The Christian Religion Contrasted With The Immorality Of Deism


The Harmony Of The Christian Religion Considered As An Evidence Of Its Divinity

  • To Deists
  • To The Jews
  • To Christians
  • The Calvinistic And Socinian Systems Examined And Compared As To Their Moral Tendency