The Victory of the Lamb

The Victory of the Lamb

Frederick S. Leahy



126 pages, Banner of Truth , ISBN: 9780851517964 [LEAH04]

181 mm x 120 mm x 13 mm , 1 volume(s), 176.8g

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Publisher's note.

At Calvary, the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, was not a victim of circumstances but a victor over circumstances: ‘The conflict at Calvary was the crucial and determining encounter between the Lamb of God and Satan…At the cross, Christ won and Satan lost, and Satan and his fellow-spirits knew it…There is liberation. Christ has won. Actual victory! That is something to preach!’

Introduction ix
1 The Creation Kingdom 1
2 The Black Banner of Rebellion 7
3 Victory Foretold 17
4 The Protracted Struggle 27
5 The Antagonists Meet 37
6 Picking Up the Gauntlet 50
7 Sifting: Satanic and Divine 60
8 Victory Achieved 70
9 The Woman and the Great Dragon 84
10 The Consequences of Christ’s Victory 98
11 Victor Emmanuel 114
Epilogue 125