The Rock of our Salvation

The Rock of our Salvation

William S Plumer



279 pages, Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788721424 [PLUM10]

115 mm x 62.5 x 8 mm , 1 volume(s), 429g

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A nineteenth-century work on the nature, person, offices, work, sufferings, and glory of Jesus Christ. This is a large print edition. A great author, always full of jewels.

1. Christ All-in-All
2. The Divinity of Christ
3. The Sonship of Christ
4. The Incarnation of Christ
5. The Messiahship of Jesus
6. Christ the Mediator
7. Christ a Prophet
8. The Priesthood of Christ
9. Christ a King
10. Christ¶©Ç???s Humiliation
11. General Views of Christ¶©Ç???s Work
12. Redemption By Christ
13. The Atonement
14. The Folly of Objecting to the Atonement
15. Christ¶©Ç???s Resurrection
16. Christ¶©Ç???s Ascension and Session at God¶©Ç???s Right Hand
17. Christ in Heaven
18. Christ¶©Ç???s Personal Absence from this World
19. Christ on the Judgment-Seat
20. Christ the Good Shepherd
21. Christ a Physician
22. The Gentleness of Christ
23. Christ Shall Yet Have a Glorious Reward
24. The Gospel of Christ is Hid from Some
25. The Sin and Danger of Not Believing in Christ
26. The Reproach of Christ

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