The Real Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Dr Peter Masters

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Is there a second blessing or baptism of the Spirit after conversion? Is the believer meant to struggle against sin, or does the Spirit sanctify by grace? What is the witness of the Spirit? And what is meant by the filling of the Spirit? Here are answers to all such questions with ®Õ??proof texts®Õ??.

Ideal for all, especially new believers and study groups.


1å¦ÌÀ When is a Believer Baptised With the Spirit?

2å¦ÌÀ Is a Second Baptism Needed for Assurance?

3å¦ÌÀ How Does the Spirit Witness With Our Spirit?

4å¦ÌÀ The Spirit of Holiness

5å¦ÌÀ Attending the Wrong Classroom

6å¦ÌÀ Are We to Fight Sin?

7å¦ÌÀ Must We be Emptied or Broken?

8å¦ÌÀ The Filling of the Spirit

9å¦ÌÀ The Spirit®Õ??s Way

10 A Baptism of Bliss?

11 å¦ÌÀThe Case of the Ephesus Twelve

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