The Inner Sanctuary

Charles Ross

Paperback , Pages: 297 , Publisher: Banner of Truth , ISBN: 9780851510422 , Product Dimensions: 179 mm x 121 mm x 15 mm , Volumes: 1 Weight: 266.5g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Subtitled - An Exposition of John Chapters 13-17. Taken from 24 touching sermons on the last moments spent by the Saviour instructing His disciples prior to Calvary. Very rich in fresh observations and a great spiritual tonic. Easy reading for all from a preacher close to Robert Murray M'Cheyne.

1. The Inscription ƒ?? John 13:1
Jesus Loving His Own that were in the World ƒ?? John 13:1
2. The Feet-Washing and the Traitor Revealed ƒ?? John 13:2-30
Christ Washing the Disciplesƒ?? Feet ƒ?? John 13:2-17
Warnings as to the Conduct of the Traitor ƒ?? The Traitor Indicated ƒ?? His Departure from the Supper Room ƒ?? John 13:18-30
3. The Discourse after the Traitor had Left the Supper Room ƒ?? John 13:31 ƒ?? 16:33
A Brief Outline of the Discourse
[A] Temporary Separation to be followed by an Eternal Reunion ƒ?? John 13:31 ƒ?? 14:31
Christƒ??s Announcement of His Departure ƒ?? Peterƒ??s Question Answered and His Self-Confidence Rebuked ƒ?? John 13:31-38
The Many Mansions ƒ?? For ever with the Lord ƒ?? John 14:1-3
Christ the Way, the Truth, and the Life ƒ?? John 14:4-11
Jesus Answering Prayer, and Praying for the Comforter ƒ?? John 14:12-17
Christ Coming in the Spirit ƒ?? John 14:18-24
Special Consolations and Encouragements Suited to the Occasion ƒ?? John 14:25-31
[B] The State, Duties and Prospects of the Disciples in the World ƒ?? John 15:1 ƒ?? 16:15
The Vine and the Branches ƒ?? John 15:1-8
Abiding in the Love of Christ by Keeping His Commandments ƒ?? John 15:9-17
The Disciples Hated by the World, Like Their Master, and for His Sake ƒ?? John 15:18-25
The Comforter Testifying of Jesus ƒ?? John 15:26-27
The Disciples Persecuted by the World ƒ?? John 16:1-5
The Mission of the Comforter and His Two-fold Work ƒ?? His Work on the World ƒ?? John 16:5-15
The Mission of the Comforter ƒ?? His Work in the Church ƒ?? John 16:12-15 144[C] Conclusion of the Discourse ƒ?? John 16:16-33
Two Little Whiles ƒ?? Sorrow Turned into Joy ƒ?? John 16:16-24
Jesus Speaking Plainly of the Father ƒ?? Last Farewell ƒ?? John 16:25-33 1644. Intercessory Prayer ƒ?? John 17
ƒ??Father, Glorify Thy Sonƒ?? ƒ?? John 17:1-5
Christ Praying for the Apostles ƒ?? Preservation ƒ?? John 17:6-19 182 Christ Praying for the Apostles ƒ?? Preservation ƒ?? Consecration ƒ?? John 17:14-19 190 Christ Praying for the Entire Body of Believers ƒ?? Spiritual Unity ƒ?? Eternal Glory ƒ?? John 17:20-24 198 Christ Praying for the Entire Body of Believers ƒ?? Eternal Glory ƒ?? Conclusion ƒ?? John 17:24-26

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