The Incomparableness of God

The Incomparableness of God

George Swinnock



216  pages, Banner of Truth , ISBN: 9781848715363

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George Swinnock is one of the easiest Puritan authors to read. He is theological yet his doctrine is expressed in vivid fashion and, while he is practical, his counsel is marked by a keen sensitivity to the doctrines taught in Scripture. Thomas Manton commended his work as coming ‘from one both of a good head and heart.’ In this exposition of Psalm 89:6, which looks at the incomparable being, attributes, works, and word of God, Swinnock is not content to let the truth lie on the surface of the mind. He drives it home to the heart, using powerful arguments, colourful illustrations, and personal applications. His great desire is for the reader to come to know, enjoy and love the incomparable God of the Bible. ‘He who knows God aright is fully satisfied in him; when he once drinks of the “fountain of living waters,” he thirsts no more after other objects.’

‘The holiness and happiness of the rational creature consists in these two: his holiness, in conformity to God; his happiness, in communion with him. And these two have a dependence on each other. They only who are like him, can enjoy him.’


The Epistle Dedicatory ix
1. The preface and the meaning of the text. 1
2. God is incomparable; in his being. 7
3. The incomparableness of God in his being, It is from itself, for itself, and wholly independent. 11
4. God incomparable in his being, as he is absolutely perfect, universal, unchangeable 16
5. God incomparable in his being, as it is eternal and without composition. 22
6. God incomparable in his being, as it is infinite and incomprehensible. 26
7. God incomparable in his attributes, in his holiness and wisdom. 33
8. God incomparable in his attributes, in his knowledge and faithfulness. 49
9. God incomparable in his mercy and patience. 56
10. God incomparable in his attributes, as they are from him, as they are his essence, as they are all one in him, as they are in him in an infinite manner. 62
11. God incomparable in his works, creation, and providence. 66
12. God incomparable in the work of redemption; he can do all things 78
13. God incomparable in the manner of his working: he works irresistibly, arbitrarily 83
14. God incomparable in his working; he does the greatest things with ease, and without any help. 88
15. God incomparable in his word; he speaks with incomparable authority, condescension, and efficacy. 96
16. God incomparable in his word: in its purity, mysteries, prophecies. 103
17. God incomparable, how great is the malignity of sin, which contemns, dishonours, and opposes this God! 109
18. If God be incomparable in his word, as it is converting, affrighting, and comforting. 114
19. If God be incomparable, how great is the madness and misery of impenitent sinners! 122
20. If God be incomparable, how monstrous is their pride who compare themselves to the incomparable God! 132
21. If God be incomparable, then incomparable service and worship is due him. 137
22. Labour for acquaintances with the incomparable God: motives to it. The knowledge of God is sanctifying, satisfying, saving. 150
23. The means of acquaintance with God. A sense of our ignorance. Attendance on the word. Fervent prayer. 162
24. Exhortation to choose this incomparable God for our portion; with some motives to it. 169
25. Exhortation to give God the glory of his incomparable excellency; with some considerations to enforce it. 177
26. Comfort to them that have the incomparable God for their portion. 18