The Henry Morris Study Bible KJV (Hardback with case jacket)

The Henry Morris Study Bible KJV (Hardback with case jacket)

Henry M. Morris



2157 pages, New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc. , ISBN: 9780890516577 [MORR33]

245mm x 180mm x 65mm , 1 volume(s), 1850g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Apologetics Commentary and Explanatory Notes from the 'Father of Modern Creationism', KJV.
Those who have used the author's commentary 'The Record of Genesis' will know that his strength was not confined to his scientific attainments, but also to devotional spiritual writing. Dr Morris revived the biblical doctrine of creation among twentieth-century evangelicals, and yet found time to produce Scripture reading notes, and other works essentially theological and pastoral.
Most study Bibles, however helpful they may be technically, are pretty dry spiritually. This study Bible is better than most in this respect.
As we would expect, it comments very fully on verses referring to creation, but there is good clarification of countless hard texts. We do not agree with Dr Morris' premillennial comments, and certainly not with his Romans 8.29 comment that foreknowledge preceded election, yet this is nevertheless a leading study Bible, and a good devotional aid.