The God-Centred Preacher o/p

The God-Centred Preacher o/p

Robert L Reymond



352 pages, Christian Focus Publications , ISBN: 9781857928969

14.12 x 2.08 x 21.54 cm , 1 volume(s), 991 g

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Category: Preaching & Methodology > Ministry & Evangelism 


Walk into most Christian churches in the western world today and the chances of you hearing a biblically relevant message is, to be polite slim. Even churches claiming to be evangelical or reformed to often tend towards market led, comforting talks on the one hand and impenetrable, jargon filled theological lectures on the other. How can preachers maintian a sensible balance? Roberts Reymond has trained hundreds of pastors and has an intimate understanding of the areas where preachers are inclined to fail He often points to 8 qualities that all pastors should aspire to in their ministries, qualities that are all to often lacking.