Teaching Ministry from 1 Corinthians (DVD Box Set) Part 1

Dr Peter Masters



297 pages, - ISBN: 9781111402976 [VS1C01]

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

13 messages from 1 Corinthians
True Wisdom
Christian Privileges (1.1-9)
Beginning a series in this remarkable epistle, full of doctrinal, devotional and practical issues. The faults of this church are often exaggerated, distorting the message. Paul's strong commendations show the majority were marvellously converted and walking with the Lord. Here are incomparable Christian blessings.
The Wisdom and Power of God (1.10-25)
Corinth was a far better church than many think, but their cultural love of heroes and oratory needed to go (like some of our fads). Paul magnificently elevates the Gospel above all human wisdom. Though foolish to millions, God's call opens minds with converting power.
Bringing Down this World's Wisdom (1.19)
How God humbles the wise, mighty and noble both now and at the last day through the witness of ordinary believers holding forth the Cross alone. Also, how Christ is our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption, and how He should be constantly praised by us.
The Deep Things of God (2.1)
The apostle reproves the Corinthians' taste for over-eloquent preaching decorated in philosophy, showing that Cross-centred persuasions, seemingly inadequate, are the wisdom and the power of God. Would he not condemn today's Christian drama, film, or rock-music centred outreach?
Receiving and Understanding Truth (2.11)
Why human wisdom cannot read God's mind. God must reveal His truth to man. Here is how we may be certain that the Bible, exclusively, is that very revelation. Here also are features of the freeness of salvation, verbal inspiration and the chief rule of interpretation.
Defining Spiritual Meat (3.1-10)
Spiritual maturity begins and proceeds with a taste for the 'meat' of the Word, but what is this? It is not sound doctrine alone, for 'carnal Christians' often have this. Here it is defined as passages that specifically promote love for Christ, holiness, obedience and consecration.
The New Lifestyle
Christ Real to Us (3.11)
Here is Christ as the sole foundation for salvation, life, sanctification and eternity. Here also is the local church as God's dwelling place, and the assurance that all things are ours, and precious, whether our present lives, the world, or death, for we are Christ's.
Right and Wrong Aims (4.1-16)
Paul warns against being 'puffed up', vaunting earthly accomplishments or gifts, and being satisfied and overconfident. Consider Gospel workers, says Paul, their humility, selflessness, sacrifice, and acceptance of persecution. Live for spiritual and eternal aims, striving for sanctification and witness ' whatever the cost.
Christ's Pattern for the Church (4.16)
This message shows that Paul is to be keenly imitated in doctrine, conduct, and church policy ' all three. Here are the proof-passages showing that a precise pattern is given for churches in the New Testament. Also, proof that Christ has already taught all Paul's major doctrines.
In Christ's School of Power (4.18-21)
We look in every passage of the Word for a doctrine, a duty, a reproof, an encouragement, a promise and a view of Christ. All are here, especially how the Lord's loving discipline is exercised, and how His power and blessing rules in a believer's life.
Keeping Church and Marriage Holy (5.1-13)
Church discipline is seen to have several aims including the honour of Christ, the purity, witness and protection of the church, and the restoration of the offender. Here, also, is the meaning of Christ our passover, and the beauty of Christian conduct, especially in marriage.
Signs of True believers (6.1-12)
Paul shows the shame when believer takes believer before a secular court, contradicting their calling and mutual love. Then he describes sins never to be committed by believers; the threefold basis of true conversion; and the rules of Christian liberty.
The Indwelling Spirit (6.19)
The Spirit takes possession of the soul purchased by Christ, making it an inner sanctuary. It is the place of communion with God, where assurance and comfort are bestowed, and divine stirrings are felt. How careful we must be to preserve the purity of both body and soul!