Tamil The Charismatic Illusion

Peter Masters



297 pages, - ISBN: 9781111304737 [MAS208]

20.5mm x 14mm x No , 1 volume(s), 158g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Tamil of translation of 'The Charismatic Illusion'.

Expanded revision of the Charismatic Phenomenon (1982) with answers to questions.

Now with more answers to questions asked by people investigating the arguments, this veteran book contends for the biblical position on the gifts that prevailed for nearly 2,000 years before the charismatic movement came along.

Here is the dynamic teaching of the Spirit that sustained true churches and believers through dark and bright years of history, through the Reformation, through the Puritan era, through the time of great Confessions of Faith, through repeated awakenings and revivals, and through the worldwide growth of the modern missionary movement.

Here is the case for authentic biblical spiritual life.