Simon Peter

Hugh Martin

Paperback , Pages: 174 , Publisher: Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788720366 , Product Dimensions: 234 mm x 156 mm x 12 mm , Volumes: 1 Weight: 321g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

1. Peterƒ??s Introduction to Jesus
2. First Requisite to the ƒ??New Nameƒ??: Sense of Sin
3. The Romance of Faith: Peter on the Water
4. Second Requisite to the ƒ??New Nameƒ??: Confession of Faith
5. Peter Tempts and ƒ??Rebukesƒ?? Jesus!
6. Jesus Rebukes Peter as ƒ??Satanƒ??
7. Peter Objects Again: The Feet-washing
8. Jesus Predicts Peterƒ??s Denial: Sincerity No Ground for Security
9. The Accuser and the Advocate
10. Grace Abounding: Restoration Predicted
11. Peter and the Transfiguration

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