Seeing the Non-Existent

Seeing the Non-Existent

David W Cloud



297 pages, Way of Life Literature , ISBN: 9781583181201 [CLOU09]

212mm x 137mm x 32mm , 1 volume(s), 715g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

To those who believe the biblical record of Creation this book is terrific. The author is a preacher, not a scientist, and he approaches his task with as great a bias as one could have in favour of Creation. Yet this enables him to present a racy, uninhibited review of many key evolutionary ideas ('icons', he calls them), effectively knocking them down one after the other in layman's language.
The first part of the book introduces Darwin, the Huxleys, and others, showing their contentions with God, and the way they developed their hatred of Him. Then follow the 'icons' or supposed examples of and arguments for evolution that the author responds to, partly inspired by an experience a few years ago when he examined a number of 'sixth-form' level biology text books. Each one made use of examples that had already been well-debunked within the scientific community.
This reviewer was taken by the author's correcting of the general impression of the Huxley-Wilberforce debate of 1860, rescuing the creationist bishop powerfully.
No doubt there will be flaws in such a book by a non-scientist, but this volume is alive with information and interest to the very last page, listing the many tragic consequences of Darwinism.