Romanian Kiffin Knollys Keach Rediscovering Our English Baptist Heritage

Michael A. G. Haykin

Paperback , Pages: 297 , Publisher: Editura Multimedia , ISBN: 9789737604255 , Product Dimensions: 205mm x 145mm x 8mm , Volumes: - Weight: 200g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

(Kiffin: 1616-1701, Knollys: c1599-1691, Keach: 1640-1704) Describes the emergence and growth of Calvinistic Baptists in England in the 17th century, highlighting the lives of three prominent leaders - William Kiffin, Hanserd Knollys and Benjamin Keach. Prof Haykin describes their struggles to uphold the Truth (for example, against hyper-Calvinism and charismatic teachings) and the lessons for Baptists today. Highly readable.

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