Pictures from Pilgrim's Progress

Pictures from Pilgrim's Progress

C H Spurgeon



- Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788721738 [SPU118]

- 1 volume(s),

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

C H Spurgeon's commentary after having read 'Pilgrim's Progress' (which he valued most next to the Bible) at least 100 times. Original addresses delivered at the Monday evening prayer meetings at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Worth twice the price and suitable for all, including the young.


Editor's Introduction
1. Pliable Sets Out With Christian
2. The Two Pilgrims in the Slough
3. The Man whose Name was Help
4. 'Helps'
5. Christian and the Arrows of Beelzebub
6. Christian at the Cross
7. Formalist and Hypocrisy
8. Formalist and Hypocrisy (Concluded)
9. Christian Arrives at the Palace Beautiful
10. 'Come in, Thou Blessed of the Lord'
11. Christian and Apollyon
12. What Faithful Met With in the Way
13. What Faithful Met With in the Way (Conclusion)
14. Vanity Fair
15. 'Beware of the Flatterer'
16. The Enchanted Ground
17. How Mr Fearing Fared
18. How Mr Fearing Fared (Concluded)
19. Mr Feeble-Mind and Mr Ready-To-Halt
20. Christiana at the Gate and the River