Peter, Disciple of Jesus

Peter, Disciple of Jesus

B A Ramsbottom



297 pages, Gospel Standard Trust Publications , ISBN: 9781897837894 [RAMS13]

- 1 volume(s), 250g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Pastor Ramsbottom gathers the Bible events surrounding Peter and tells them in his own charming but reverent style. At times a child would feel they were really there watching, for example, as Jesus reaches out to the sinking Peter who has just taken his first few steps of faith into the boisterous sea. Naturally, he applies the 'Lord, save me' to the child.
This is a further title added to the series of slim hardback books for young children. Many feature aspects of the life of Christ. Later Paul and now Peter have been added. This book has 33 pages, 7 of which are full-page colour pictures by Ruth Goodridge. In days of so many (unworthy) cartoon illustrations this series is to be welcomed for its brightly coloured but serious artwork with reflects the kindly but God-honouring style of the writer.