John Wycliffe: The Morning Star - DVD 2022

John Wycliffe: The Morning Star - DVD 2022

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75 mins pages, - ISBN: 5065000399894

- 1 volume(s), 162.5g

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Producer's summary

In a land emerging from the Black Death, one ambitious priest faces the fury of a corrupt church as he struggles to maintain his integrity. "Morningstar" tells the story of John Wycliffe: maybe the most influential Christian of the medieval world. Living 150 years before Martin Luther, John Wycliffe has been called the "Morning Star of the Reformation". As the planet Venus appears on the horizon just before dawn, so John Wycliffe appeared in Europe just before the reawakening of Christianity in the 16th century. In "Morningstar", we follow in his footsteps as Wycliffe takes on the mammoth medieval powers of church and state.

Relying on the best scholarship for accuracy, "Morningstar" brings us face to face with a man of true genius, as we witness his struggle to bring into existence the most dangerous book in the English language - the Bible.