Inspiration and Interpretation

John Burgon

Paperback , Pages: - , Publisher: Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788721264 , Product Dimensions: - , Volumes: 1

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Publisher®Õ??s Note
1. The Study of the Bible Recommended; and a Method of Studying it Described
2. Natural Science and Theological Science
3. Inspiration of Scripture ®Õ?? Gospel Difficulties ®Õ?? The Word of God Infallible ®Õ?? Other Sciences Subordinate to Theological Science
4. The Plenary Inspiration of Every Part of the Bible, Vindicated and Explained ®Õ?? Nature of Inspiration ®Õ?? The Text of Scripture
5. Interpretation of Holy Scripture ®Õ?? Inspired Interpretation ®Õ?? The Bible is Not to be Interpreted Like Any Other Book ®Õ?? God, (Not Man,) The Real Author of The Bible
6. The Doctrine of Arbitrary Scriptural Accommodation Considered
7. The Marvels of Holy Scripture, Moral and Physical ®Õ?? Jael®Õ??s Deed Defended ®Õ?? Miracles Vindicated

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