Hymns on Various Passages of Scripture

Thomas Kelly

Hardback , Pages: 297 , Publisher: Gospel Standard Trust Publications , ISBN: 9781897837948 , Product Dimensions: - , Volumes: 1 Weight: 450g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

A new issue of the final edition of Kelly's 765 hymns (1853). Born 1769 to a titled Irish judge, Thomas Kelly followed his father into law, but on conversion, became a Church of Ireland clergyman. Having embraced the doctrines of grace he fell foul of the Archbishop of Dublin who brought his ministry to an end, and from that time he became, by conviction, an Independent. A wealthy man, he was able to build four chapels, and preached a further 63 years, dying in 1855, having contributed to the corpus of Christian hymns some of the best in terms of spiritual and literary merit.
This quality volume will make a very rewarding companion for personal devotional reflection. Highly recommended.

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