History of the Waldenses

History of the Waldenses

James A Wylie



149 pages, Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788723411

15.6 x 1.07 x 23.39 cm , 1 volume(s), 991

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Even in the darkness of the Middle Ages there were groups of Christians striving to follow the faith as originally revealed in the Bible and resisting the corruptions of the Roman Catholic Church. The Waldenses were such a group. Long before the Reformation, they had translated the Bible into their own dialect. Uniquely located in the Cottian Alps between France and Italy, they stood apart from the encroachments of superstition and idolatrous rites and maintained their independence from Rome. Their stand for the truth exposed them to brutal hostility and opposition, and their faithfulness led to many being martyred. This is a gripping tale of simple faithfulness, courage in the face of persecution, and the Lord’s preservation of His faithful witness at all times. First published in 1880, this title has been completely re-typeset for issue in this format.