Handbook of Revivals

Handbook of Revivals

Henry Fish



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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

This famous 1874 work defines revival, and surveys the history of awakenings. It includes considerable counsel for practical outreach. There is nothing quite like this for stirring up a concern for vigorous evangelism. Highly recommended for all readers, including young Christians and study groups.

1. What is a Revival?
2. Historical View of Revivals
3. What We Owe to Revivals
4. Divine Economy of Revivals
5. Objections to Revivals
6. Position of Evangelists
7. Child-Piety and Profession
8. Indications of a Revival
9. Revivals Hindered and Arrested
10. Revival Means and Methods
11. Preaching and Revivals
12. Prayer and Revivals
13. Singing and Revivals
14. Personal Effort and Revivals
15. The Sunday School and Revivals
16. Treatment of Inquirers
17. Training the Converts
18. Revivals the Hope of the World
19. Are You Revived?