God's Undertaker - Has Science Buried God?

God's Undertaker - Has Science Buried God?

John Lennox



297 pages, Lion Hudson , ISBN: 9780745953717 [LENN02]

- 1 volume(s), 300g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

"This brilliant work started life in 2007 to great acclaim and was updated in 2009. The author is an eminent Oxford professor who has debated Richard Dawkins, and who here exposes the many fallacies and illogical conclusions that Dawkins draws. Prof Lennox writes very clearly (and elegantly) demonstrating that Christian faith is not blind faith, but firmly based on evidence.
This reviewer does not agree with Professor Lennox's acceptance of an old earth and evolution (although he believes in the beginning of the human race by the creation of Adam and Eve), but he powerfully shows that even if one subscribes to an evolutionary process, it is obviously a designed mechanism, and not the blind watchmaker naively described by Dawkins.
The reasoning in this volume is courteous, yet crushing, and pages teem with extremely interesting information and illustrations. Indeed, the author is so effective in his defence of the Creator that the book is positively faith strengthening.
For popular reasoning against the jibes and manifestly false charges which Richard Dawkins makes against faith, we recommend our own Sword & Trowel booklet by Robin Compston, but for a reading challenge to the whole idea that science has killed off faith, Professor Lennox is an exceptional writer."