Discourses on the Book of Esther Paperback

Discourses on the Book of Esther Paperback

George Lawson



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1. Ahasuerus®Õ?? Feast
2. The Disobedience and Divorce of Vashti
3. Extraordinary Method Used to Replace Vashti
4. Esther Made Queen ®Õ?? Mordecai Discovers a Conspiracy
5. Haman®Õ??s Rise ®Õ?? His Resolution to Destroy the Jews
6. Haman Obtains a Decree for the Destruction of the Jews
7. The Grief of all the Jews ®Õ?? Esther to Intercede with the King
8. Mordecai®Õ??s Charge to Esther ®Õ?? She Requests the Jews®Õ?? Prayers
9. Esther Finds Favour with the King ®Õ?? Haman Builds a Gallows
10. Haman Compelled to Honour Mordecai
11. Haman®Õ??s Fall and Death
12. Mordecai Promoted ®Õ?? The Jews Permitted to Defend Themselves
13. Mordecai®Õ??s Greatness ®Õ?? The Jews®Õ?? Successful Defence
14. Numbers of the Slain ®Õ?? A Second Battle at Shushan
15. Ordinance for Observing the Days of Purim
16. Greatness of Ahasuerus ®Õ?? Character of Mordecai

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