The Great Awakening Hardback

The Great Awakening Hardback

Joseph Tracy



453 pages, Banner of Truth , ISBN: 9781848718579

234 mm x 156 mm x 29 mm , 1 volume(s), 786g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

In 1841 this writer gathered the source material of the New England awakening of 1740 to produce this account. He provides a marvellous chronicle with much information on Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards, and follows the revival through to its decline, 'warts and all'.

1. Introductory
2. Revivals of 1739, 1740
3. Whitefield in Early Life
4. Whitefield's Labours
5. Parties in the Presbyterian Church
6. Whitefield at the South
7. Whitefield's First Visit to New England
8. Whitefield in New York and the South
9. The Revival in Boston
10. The Revival in New England (1)
11. The Revival in New England (2)
12. The Revival in New England (3)
13. Edwards
14. Davenport
15. Whitefield in England
16. The Revival in New England (4)
17. Opposition to the Revival in Connecticut
18. The Controversy in Massachusetts
19. The Revival continued at the South
20. The Results