Advice for Seekers (Counted Faithful)

Advice for Seekers (Counted Faithful)

C. H. Spurgeon



297 pages, Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788721332 [SPU117]

180 mm x 119 mm x 8 mm , 1 volume(s), 117g

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Here are the problems still encountered by seekers. A helping hand for those who have so far `sought Him in vain', and a guide to pastoral workers.

1. Do Not Try to Save Yourself
2. Despised Ones Seeking Jesus
3. Seekers Touching Christ
4. Still no Light, and Why?
5. ®Õ??We Wait for Light®Õ??
6. The Invitation
7. Something to be Set Right
8. Hindrances to Coming to the Light
9. Seekers Encouraged ®Õ?? The Substitute
10. Seeking
11. How Luther Sought and Found
12. Saved Through Faith
13. May I Believe?
14. A Needless Question Answered

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