Comfort for Christians

Comfort for Christians

A. W. Pink



297 pages, Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788720939 [PINK43]

180 mm xƒ??¶ª 119 mm x 7 mm , 1 volume(s), 116g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Whether our need is for assurance, or help in depression, sickness or other trials, no one presents the arguments of comfort better than Pink in these chapters. Pastors will wish to prescribe it constantly.

Publisher's note.

The brief chapters in this little book cover all aspects of assurance, doubts, illness, depression and other trials. Pink is a sure guide, always basing the counsel he offers on a clear exposition of Scripture. Arthur Pink (1886-1952) was a prolific writer, for 30 years producing the monthly magazine Studies in the Scriptures. This book like so many of his others first appeared as articles in the magazine.


1. No Condemnation
2. The Christian's Assurance
3. Sufferings Compensated
4. The Great Giver
5. The Divine Rememberer
6. Tried by Fire
7. Divine Chastisement
8. Receiving Divine Chastisement
9. God's Inheritance
10. God Securing His Inheritance
11. Mourning
12. Hungering
13. Heart Purity
14. The Beatitudes and Christ
15. Affliction and Glory
16. Contentment
17. Precious Death