Chinese Faith, Doubts, Trials and Assurance

Chinese Faith, Doubts, Trials and Assurance

Peter Masters



162 pages, Wakeman Trust , ISBN: 9787512628199 [MAS347]

210mm x 145mm x 10mm , 1 volume(s), 330g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Ongoing faith is essential for answered prayer, effective service, spiritual stability and real communion with God. This book answers many questions about faith, such as - How may we assess the state of our faith? How can faith be strengthened? How should doubts be handled? How can we tell if troubles are intended to chastise or to refine? What can be done to obtain assurance? Can a believer commit the unpardonable sin? Exactly how is the Lord's presence felt? Dr Peter Masters provides answers, with much pastoral advice, drawing on Scripture throughout.