Charges and Addresses

Charges and Addresses

J C Ryle (some)



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A man of good scholarship, sterling character, wide sympathies, and tremendous zeal, J. C. Ryle accounted it no light thing to be entrusted with the work of organizing and advancing the cause of God and truth in a diocese noted for its extensive industrial development and in a city of world fame. As a man of God he gave unfeigned allegiance to the plenary inspiration of Holy Scripture. Linked with this was his determination to strive for the maintenance of the Protestant character of the Church of England as by law established in the days of the sixteenth-century Reformation. Doctrine, experience, and practice based upon and shaped by the pure word of God were to him the essentials of the ongoing life of the Church.

In the Liverpool Diocese Ryle faced a formidable task. Called to it at the age of sixty-five, Ryle laboured in season and out of season with untiring pertinacity. To present-day readers he will chiefly be known through his expository and biographical writings. The Charges and Addresses here brought together show how he laboured to educate the clergy of his diocese in biblical principles and to impress upon them the vast importance if maintaining evangelical doctrine and practice in their varied ministries and contacts.

In England Ryle stands in the foremost rank of those who have held forth the word of life and fought the good fight of faith. He is one of the Lord’s standard-bearers of the late Victorian age. The ‘healthful spirit of God’s grace’ was upon him. Being dead he continues to speak to our backslidden generation.


Introduction vii
1. No Uncertain Sound — The first charge to the new diocese, 1881 1
2. For Doctrinal Christianity — The first charge given to the new diocese, given in Wigan, 1881 37
3. Liverpool and England — The second triennial charge, 1884 69
4. Our Position and Our Dangers — Liverpool Diocesan Conference, 1885 113
5. The Outlook — Liverpool Diocesan Conference, 1886 139
6. Our State and Prospects — The third triennial charge, 1887 159
7. Seest Thou These Great Buildings? — A Sermon, Liverpool, 1889 195
8. Our Diocese, Our Church, Our Times — Liverpool Diocesan Conference, 1889 211
9. Hold Fast — The fourth triennial charge, 1890 231
10. Brotherhoods — Hull Church Congress, 1890 269
11. The Present Crisis — Liverpool Diocesan Conference, 1892 279
12. Stand Firm — The fifth triennial charge, 1893 307
13. What is Wanted? — Liverpool Diocesan Conference, 1895 331
14. About Our Church in 1896 — Liverpool Diocesan Conference, 1896 359
15. Thoughts for Thinkers — Liverpool Diocesan Conference, 1987 389
16. The Present Distress — Liverpool Diocesan Conference, 1898 407
17. Farewell to the Diocese — February 1, 1900 423
Appendix 425