The Bible: Fact or Fiction?

The Bible: Fact or Fiction?

Jill Masters



41 pages, Metropolitan Tabernacle , ISBN: 9781111203238 [LLWM07]

22 x 31 x 0.4cm , 1 volume(s), 120g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

A4 folder with notes for 10 talks. Children are often given the impression that much of the Bible is little more than myths and stories. This topic takes them on an imaginary trip to the British Museum and the Middle East to see for themselves the evidences for the reliability of Bible history, including events once sneered at that have been vindicated by the discoveries of archaeologists. All age grades are fascinated to hear how they unearthed these treasures, and warm to their implications. Teachers will value the opportunity of helping the young to respect and trust the Word of God.