Bible Characters

Bible Characters

Alexander Whyte



480 pages, Christian Focus Publications , ISBN: 9781857922271

14.17 x 3.2 x 22.05 cm , 1 volume(s), 991g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

159 character studies from Adam, Eve and Cain through to Paul and Timothy. (Also includes people in parables.) In chronological order. This compendium of highly valuable information for message-preparers was Whyte's crowning achievement. Fine devotional reading for all.

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Category: Bible Study > Biblical Biography > New Testament


Alexander Whyte's well researched compendium of biographies has been of great use to pastors, study group leaders and others for about 100 years. It is the most comprehensive, and most well respected, source of material for understanding the characters involved in the events of the Bible, ever published.

The material is here gathered into a handy hardback volume to continue its life of usefulness to the church today. Once you start dipping into Bible Characters the people in the New Testament will leap from the page as real people - making the Bible as relevant today as Jesus was to the people of his.