Augustus Toplady

Augustus Toplady

Douglas Bond



297 pages, Evangelical Press , ISBN: 9780852347935 [BOND01]

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

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Bitesize Biographies Collection


An Evangelical Press Bitesize Biography by an American author, skilfully written and avoiding the drier details of a longer work. Here is the story of the sophisticated public schoolboy who went to live for a time in Ireland, heard a rustic preacher whose message felled his proud heart, submitted to Christ, and two years later to the doctrines of grace, going on to become a preacher, writer, contender for the faith, author of Britain's best-known hymn 'Rock of Ages' and dying from TB at only 37. This lively biography presents all the essential elements of Toplady's life (1740-1778), referring to his contemporaries, and neatly summarising the dispute between him and John Wesley (in which the latter played some inexplicably awful tricks). A great read, and recommended