A Miscellany of British Church History Paperback

A Miscellany of British Church History Paperback

Roland Burrows



540 pages, Tentmaker Publications , ISBN: 9781783972937 [BURR14]

243mm x 176mm x 41mm , 1 volume(s), 1550g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

'Originally taught to Crown College students from the USA working in the UK, in order to give them an appreciation of the Christian heritage of the British Isles. This is what lies behind the interesting and accesible way the book is written. It starts with the coming of the Gospel to these islands as far back as the first century AD, and traces the dealings of God with out nation chronologically. This is the book's great strength. It means the reader can see at a glance from the detailed contents pages the sweep of church history in Great Britain...

Books on church history go from the "heavy going" to the "scintillating". This book is very much toward the latter end of that spectrum. To own a copy will be to have a record of "all the great works of the Lord" that have blessed Great Britain for so long, and which we pray the Lord will be pleased to restore in our day.' - Rev John Thackway