A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me

Timothy Cross



297 pages, - ISBN: 9781781915530 [CROS06]

- 1 volume(s), 250g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Publisher's note.

"The writing is on the wall", "a drop in the ocean" and "from strength to strength". Just some of our everyday expressions which find their roots in the Bible! People quote biblical expressions without even knowing that they are doing so. Historically, the influence of the Bible has been so great that it has permeated the very fibre of the English language. Timothy Cross in this enlightening and Scripture rooted book reveals the origins of these sayings and considers their meaning.

Featured sayings include:

The apple of my eye
No room at the Inn
The writing is on the wall
The powers that be
God forbid!
God willing
'He's been made a scapegoat ...'
Worthy of his hire
The patience of Job
'He's seen the light'
Head and shoulders above the rest
A drop in the ocean
A thorn in the flesh
A wolf in sheep's clothing
Be sure your sin will find you out
O ye of little faith
'A man after my own heart'
To give up the ghost
'Don't judge by appearances!'
The salt of the earth
'Let him that is without sin be the first to cast a stone'
'It's a labour of love'
He's fallen from grace
A fly in the ointment
'I've escaped by the skin of my teeth'
'He's a good Samaritan'
A lamb to the slaughter
Manna from heaven
The strait and narrow
'A little bird told me'
Safe and sound
Rise and shine!
'He couldn't lace his boots'
'Thus far and no further'
Holding out an olive branch
A baptism of fire
Entering the lion's den
A leopard doesn't change its spots
As old as the hills
Doubting Thomas
'I'm at my wits' end'
Going the second mile
Turn the other cheek
From strength to strength
A heart of stone
The twinkling of an eye
Fight the good fight!
You reap what you sow
Crystal clear
Make hay while the sun shines
The half has not been told!