The Rebellious Years - The Need for Self-Understanding

The Rebellious Years - The Need for Self-Understanding

Peter Masters



16 pages, Wakeman Trust , ISBN: 9781899046041 [MAST35]

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Subtitled - The Need for Self-Understanding. This is intended to help readers from mid-teenage to late twenties to understand the source of the inner rebellion that urges everyone away from God in the `second quarter' of life.

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The Need for Self-Understanding
The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel; to know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding (Proverbs 1.1-2)


Secrets of human behaviour

IF WE COULD take in and remember the teaching of Solomon's proverbs, we would be so shrewd! No situation would ever catch us out, and no trial or temptation take us by surprise. Seldom would we be deceived or beguiled by subtlety or cunning, because these amazing miniature parables would prepare us for all the twists of human nature and behaviour.

In approaching this teaching, it is not enough to think in terms of the English word proverb, which simply describes a short, pithy statement in general use. The Hebrew term for proverb means a comparison, a parable, or an illustration. In the Bible it is also translated parable on many occasions. It can even refer to a taunting challenge, and this is the purpose of many statements in the Book of Proverbs. They are designed to sting a little, almost to taunt, in order to jolt us into recognising that we are heading in some wrong direction.