Spanish The Rebellious Years The Need for Self-Understanding

Spanish The Rebellious Years The Need for Self-Understanding

Peter Masters



17 pages, Wakeman Trust , ISBN: 9781899046591 [MAS460]

205mm x 143mm x 2mm , 1 volume(s), 100g

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Los AÌà̱os de RebeldÌà̡a

TÌà̡tulo original: The Rebellious Years

Peter Masters

Durante el tiempo en que uno es adolescente o se encuentra en la d‚ücada de los veinte, la mayorÌà̡a de las personas experimentan Fuertes deseos de independencia, a veces con gran desconfianza hacia todo lo que les rodea y con una fuerte inclinaciÌàÌ_n a dejar de creer en Dios.

å¦å¬Entendemos la razÌàÌ_n detr‚_s de este period de insatisfacciÌàÌ_n: los aÌà̱os de rebeldÌà̡a? El libro bÌà̡blico de Proverbios -una fuente de sabiduria perpetua- explica la batalla en la mente durante estos aÌà̱os de reaccÌà̡on moral.

17 p‚_ginas, folleto, ISBN: 1 899046 59 1

Never have people in the West been so knowledgeable and skilled in science and technology. And yet, never have we known so little about ourselves, and why we think and act as we do. From about mid-teens until late twenties, most people experience very strong urges for independence, sometimes with great suspicion of everything around them, and with a strong inclination to stop believing in God. Do we understand the reason for these years of dissatisfaction ' the rebellious years? The biblical book of Proverbs ' a fountain of timeless wisdom ' explains the battle in the mind during these years of moral reaction.

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