Spanish Remember the Lord's Day

Spanish Remember the Lord's Day

Peter Masters



36 pages, Wakeman Trust , ISBN: 9781899046423 [MAS248]

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Acuerdate del DÌà̡a de Reposo

TÌà̡tulo original: Remember the Lord's Day
Peter Masters

å¦å¬Por qu‚ü instituyÌàÌ_ el SeÌà̱or el dÌà̡a de reposo? Y en la actualidad, å¦å¬contin‚¤a el dÌà̡a de reposo como el dÌà̡a del SeÌà̱or? Si es asÌà̡, å¦å¬de qu‚ü manera ha cambiado con la venida de Cristo? å¦å¬CÌàÌ_mo deberÌà̡amos guardarlo? Este folleto responde a estas y a otras preguntas mostrando que el principio que el dÌà̡a de reposo conlleva todavÌà̡a forma parte de la voluntad de Dios para los creyentes hoy en dÌà̡a y exponiendo sus propÌàÌ_sitos y bendiciones.

36 p‚_ginas, folleto, ISBN: 978 1 899046 42 3

Why was the sabbath day instituted by the Lord, and does it continue now as the Lord's day? If so, in what way has it changed with the coming of Christ? How should it be kept? Is it true there was a conflict of views about the continuation of the sabbath between the early and later reformers? This book responds to these and other questions, showing that the sabbath principle is still God's will for believers today, and listing its purpose and blessings.

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