Mary of Orange - At the Mercy of Kings

Mary of Orange - At the Mercy of Kings

Linda Finlayson



297 pages, Christian Focus , ISBN: 9781845508180 [FINL02]

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

This is the life-story of a gentle, pious young Christian who found herself in the middle of a national struggle. Following the Reformation would England finally become Catholic or Protestant? Much would depend on her. Mary became a devout Protestant early in life.
Our young people will be horrified to read how the fifteen-year-old girl was informed only two weeks before the wedding, that she was to marry her cousin, the king of Holland, and go immediately to live with him there.
The book tells of her trials and her decision to cooperate with the English Protestants, involving the overruling of her father, a Catholic, for the cause of God's Truth.
The strong bond of love which grew between her and William provides a unifying romantic thread throughout the story until her early death at 32. Girls will be moved by this little known testimony of a Christian queen. (Maps, family tree, bibliography and timeline.)

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