A Case for Amillennialism

A Case for Amillennialism

Kim Riddlebarger



332 pages, Baker Publishing Group , ISBN: 9780801015502 [RIDD02]

230mm x 152mm x 18mm , 1 volume(s), 455g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

A fine defence of amillennialism from a minister who is also a visiting professor of theology at Westminster Seminary in California. The author grew up in a premillennial home and ministry, relishing Hal Lindsey's The Late Great Planet Earth as a young man. But he embarked on a pilgrimage of enquiry and discovery, gradually and with resistance finding the evidence for the amillennial position the most convincing.
His personal struggle is reflected in this book, a sympathetic and charitable critique of other positions. It would seem that no possible objection to an amillennial position is omitted, and the debate about an end-time revival among Jewish people is sifted well.
The work is very readable as eschatological books go, and all the viewpoints are well summarised at the very beginning. Certainly the work of a pastor who long ago changed his view, and therefore knows exactly what searching readers want to hear about. (He also makes a good job of showing how premillennial 'literal interpretation' is really much less literal than that of amillennialists.) Strongly recommended.