The Soul Winner (Christian Focus Publication)

The Soul Winner (Christian Focus Publication)

C. H. Spurgeon



255 pages, Christian Focus Publication , ISBN: 9781871676952

20 x 13 x 15cm , 1 volume(s), 200g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

This new edition from Whitaker House has been edited for the modern reader. Fifteen stirring addresses full of advice directed separately to preachers, Sunday School teachers, and all witnessing believers. Unmatched for enjoyability.

Publisher's note.

When Jesus returned to heaven, He left us with a mission: continue His work of bringing lost souls home to the Father. Charles H. Spurgeon accepted this mission and personally escorted thousands of people into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
He said, “If you are eager for real joy, I am persuaded that no joy of growing wealthy, no joy of influence over your fellow creatures, no joy of any other sort, can ever compare with the rapture of saving a soul from death.”
In this book, Spurgeon crystallizes the wisdom and experience of a lifetime as a Soulwinner.