Lady Huntingdon and Her Friends

Lady Huntingdon and Her Friends

Helen C Knight



202 pages, Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788720212 [KNIG01]

230 mm x 155 mm x 16 mm , 1 volume(s), 440g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

In 202 pages the writer brilliantly traces the conversion of Lady Huntingdon and her increasing friendship with, and support of, the revival messengers of the eighteenth century, and here is the unique value of this work. All the great names of the time are here. For readers not too familiar with the Great Awakening, here is a highly informative sweep through, with a human view of Whitefield, Wesley, Romaine, Venn, Doddridge, Rowland Hill and others seen through the eyes of Selina, Countess of Huntingdon. The work was researched from Lady Huntingdon's diaries and letters. Even for those already well-read, there is much in this volume which will be new to them, for the emphasis on Lady Huntingdon's personal and subjective impressions and opinions yields much which is fresh and edifying. (Her references to the infidel Lord Chesterfield, whom she tried to help in the hour of his miserable death, are an example.)

Readable, enjoyable, challenging and moving.

1. Natural and Spiritual Birth of Lady Huntingdon
2. A Glance at Familiar Faces
3. Doing and Suffering
4. Whitefield
5. Romaine - Alarms
6. Doddridge
7. The Tabernacle - Venn - Preaching Tours
8. Family Matters  - Chapels - Berridge
9. The Valley of Baca
10. Blackfriars - Chapel at Bath - Lady Glenorchy
11. The Indian Preacher - Dartmouth - Lord Buchan
12. Trevecca
13. A New Recruit - Tunbridge Wells
14. The Breach
15. Death of Whitefield
16. Venn Leaving Huddersfield - Labours of Lady Huntingdon ®Õ?? Death of Howell Harris and Lord Chesterfield
17. The Rectory of Yelling
18. Rowland Hill
19. The Secession
20. Harvest Home