Test All Things

Test All Things

Joe Mizzi



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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

An Invitation to Examine Your Catholic Faith in the Light of Scripture

1. What Will It Profit A Man?
2. God’s Word Is Truth
3. Built Upon Christ
4. Guilty!
5. Justified!
6. Baptism
7. Forgiveness
8. Purgatory
9. The Sacrifice Of Christ
10. The Eucharist
11. Jesus, Our Priest
12. My Soul Magnifies The Lord
13. One Mediator
14. Salvation Is Not By Works
15. Jesus Is The Way

God commands us in Scripture to “test all things; hold fast what
is good.”  The roots of the Roman Catholic religion reach back to the early Christian church, as witnessed by a precious heritage of holy and
orthodox doctrines embraced and defended by the modern Catholic Church. Sadly, like Israel of old, the churches of Christ are not immune to contamination by the leaven of false doctrine and heresy. The church of Rome is no exception. Throughout the centuries, human traditions were introduced, often insidiously, resulting in a significant distortion of the original apostolic faith. 

The purpose of this book is certainly not to tear down everything
Catholic, but to provide an opportunity to test important Catholic
doctrines in the light of Scripture. I hope that you would arrive at a better understanding of the all-important Gospel message, the power of God for salvation to all who believe in Christ.