The Collapse of Separatism Among Fundamental Baptists

The Collapse of Separatism Among Fundamental Baptists

David Cloud



164 pages, Way of Life Literature , ISBN: 9781583181164 [CLOU17]

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters



This book is about the collapse of biblical separation among fundamental Baptist  churches, the causes of this collapse, and how to avoid it at the local church level.

By way of introduction, I want to say that I am personally concerned with Independent Baptist as a MOVEMENT.  Though I talk about the movement in this report, what I am concerned about are individual New Testament churches.  As we state in the Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible & Christianity, to use the term "church" for a movement or a denomination or association or for a group of churches in a region or nation is unscriptural.  The church that is called the pillar and ground of the truth in 1 Timothy 3 is, in context, the church that has pastors and deacons.  The New Testament is very precise in its use of term "church."